Our CEO, Sarah Baldwin, discusses how inflationary pressures are causing dire challenges for UK businesses. For the juice market specifically, the soaring costs of growing, processing and supplying orange juice will inevitably impact prices for consumers.

Writing for The Grocer, she looks at how businesses will have to mitigate these rising costs, maintain supply and keep consumer price rises to a minimum.

She says: “We will need to work together to ensure transparent communication with customers. We must demonstrate the issues and the different methods we are taking to mitigate the impact on already hard-pressed consumers. As this orange juice crisis evolves, with anticipated price increases as a result, it’s important we all understand those price increases aren’t a profit-driving exercise – it’s the only way of keeping orange juice on our breakfast tables.”

Follow this link to read the full article: https://www.thegrocer.co.uk/fmcg-prices-and-promotions/how-to-navigate-the-spike-in-orange-juice-prices/687351.article#:~:text=In%20August%2C%20The%20Grocer%20reported,never%20seen%20inflation%20like%20this.